Monday, 13 October 2014

Introduction and What to Expect From This Blog

Hey what's up everyone!

I am new to this site but I have blogged before on IGN's site (two posts lol). I started out on YouTube making mugen videos and have branched out since by making comedy, reviews, fan made videos and streaming on Twitch. I recently haven't put much content out there because I've been busy working and have a lack of motivation.

I try to watch things that can inspire me or give me ideas but I haven't been able to find much. It seems almost everything follows the same format and not much people want to be original but would rather follow the safe route. For example, the horror genre is packed with remakes with very few trying to make iconic movies for this generation.

Furthermore, I look at things that are popular and wonder why people still support it? Since my opinions are so different from the norm, will people even be interested to hear it? An example of this is radio hip-hop music that focuses on made up dances and marketing their artists to gain more revenue instead of making good songs and focusing on lyrics (I have to search to find music that I enjoy).

I also look at some of the leaders for this generations music and wonder how people can support it. How does Chris Brown have a career after beating Rihanna? Do a song with her and portray him as a bad boy later. How does Nicki Minaj have a career while being one of the wackest rappers? Make her show her goods in every videos she's in and make her seem artistic by doing the most random stuff. How does Rick Ross still have a career when he lied about being an officer, had a rape rap line and not have the real Rick Ross co-sign him? No idea.......But it goes to show that not much people care about what they're listening to as long as it's popular. Sorry, I got kind of off topic here lol.

What you can expect from my blog are my thoughts on random topics that I will try to come up with. to give you an idea of what those things could be I'll list some of my interests. I listen to all types of music, play video games (mostly Street Fighter) and have a PlayStation 3 and arcade stick. I play basketball and watch a ton of movies, TV shows and some anime. If you want to know more about me then check the links to the side and see some of the content I put out on those sites. So follow me if you want to hear the views of a 27 year old guy that lives in Canada lol. Thanks for visiting my page and I look forward to putting some stuff out there!

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