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Destiny Wrestling: No Limits Event

You haven't heard from me in a month and now I'm back with another blog post just hours after my last one lol. I'm trying to get this blog updated as much as possible, so hopefully you'll see another post tomorrow and then I'll be done! For now though, let's focus on this post:

On October 3rd my friend and I went to check out Destiny Wrestling's event called 'No Limits'. We paid VIP pricing which was 100 dollars (it pretty much promised a meet and greet with Rey, aswell as, front row seats to the event). A lot of people, including my friend, thought that they would be selling pictures for Rey to sign when we got there but that was not the case. Rey was also an hour late which delayed the whole event. What was suppose to be a meet and greet turned into a quick signing and rushed photo. I was pretty hyped going in as a VIP member but things weren't turning out as planned.

We were told we could sit anywhere behind the first 3 rows. I was fine with that even though the VIP description said otherwise (front row seating). The thing that was annoying was seeing people save 6 spots in front of you for people that don't have any wristbands and just have general tickets. I let it slide though because I just paid the money to meet Rey and get a picture and autograph. Want to know what though? They announced that Rey was staying after the event to sign and take pictures with people for a small fee...So why did I pay for VIP again? I could've just paid 35 dollars and got the same treatment as a VIP member while saving 65 dollars...Would I pay for VIP again at their events?

Now it wasn't all bad; there are some things they did right that I have to give them credit for. I was impressed with the Don Kolov arena and the whole layout of the place. Secondly their match booking and talent are really stellar and it was very enjoyable to watch with the crowd that showed up. Going to small events like this is great because you meet die hard wrestling fans and they are really emotionally invested with what is going on in the ring. I did post a lot of clips on my Instagram if you want to check out some of the highlights (I'll link it at the bottom). There were a ton of great matches but I'm just going to talk about my favourite two here. 

The first match I want to talk about is Xandra Bale vs Jennifer Blake. They put on a great match together with their high flying moves. Jennifer Blake really stood out to me with her wrestling ability and how good she can work the crowd (she played a great heel and her finisher is deadly!) I recorded two clips from their match which you can check out below:

The next match that stood out on the card was the main event featuring Ricochet, Justin Gabriel and Rey Mysterio.

These guys put on some great spots during their match. They all had chemistry in the ring and it's a shame not a lot of people got to see the performance these guys put on. Fortunately, Destiny wrestling will be releasing the event sometime in the future so you can all check out this amazing main event. For now you can enjoy this clip that I recorded:

So yeah, my thoughts on the event is if you pay 35 dollars to attend then I would highly recommend it. If you see a VIP package and are contemplating it then I would HIGHLY suggest otherwise. Also, here is my picture with Rey:

Unfortunately the picture on my phone came out blurry but luckily my friend took one from the side. I'm thinking about going to their next event for 35 dollars but I'm not really in too much a rush to go tbh. I think about all the great matches and everything but then I remember things like this:

What's that you say? That is my friends piece of paper that he asked the receptionist to give him so that he can get it signed by Rey Mysterio....These are the perks for 100 dollar VIP tickets. Anyway, I'm still salty if you couldn't tell lol but this organization does have potential; They just have to be careful with how they sell premium tickets next time. That's it for me though! I should be back soon to talk about Hamilton Con and then we'll be all caught up! Untill then..........Peace!

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