Saturday, 17 October 2015

London Comic-Con 2015 (London, Ontario)

Hey Everyone! I'm a couple weeks late with this post but I was busy doing things like trying to finish Disgaea D2 and watching NXT....yeah I'm coming up with terrible excuses...moving on to more important things:

My friend and I went to go see Michael Jai White on September 27th at the London Comic-Con (a 2 hour drive from where we are). Black Dynamite aka Spawn is the main reason we went but there were more people and attractions that we checked out. I will say that London has some of the nicest people in regards to how they act at a con. The amount of people that attended was ideal since it wasn't over packed and to top it all off, parking was free! (might be the first time we didn't have to pay for parking).

When we first entered the con, Michael Jai White was already on stage doing a Q&A and talking about his previous and upcoming work. We found out that Black Dynamite 2 and Never Back Down 3 are both coming out in the future. He also said his favourite blaxploitation film is 'Three the Hard Way' which I just realized I own in my Jim Kelly DVD collection (I'll probably watch it after I finish this post!). He also mentioned how he use to be a teacher back in the day which is something I never knew about him. After the panel, we went to go meet him and get a picture:

We pretty much achieved our main goal as soon as we entered the convention. Walking around the con, I noticed Maurizio Guarini from Goblin who had a booth in the horror section. If you haven't heard of Goblin's music before then I highly recommend it! They did the Suspiria album which I think is one of the best movie soundtracks:

I talked to Maurizio for a while and told him how much their music has helped out the movies they worked on. He was genuinely a nice guy and I got a DVD and picture with him:

Afterwards, I went to go meet Charles Martinet who does the voices for Mario, Luigi, Wario and a bunch of other Nintendo characters. You could tell Charles has a passion for what he does because he would make the signature sounds of the characters he's signing for (my picture had about 8 characters on it and he did the voices for all of them!). Not only that but he had a section set up for people that wanted photos with him! This was the first time I've seen someone set up such an impressive area for photos, so of course, I had to get in there:

The last person I met at the con was Ani-Mia. She's a cos-player that also makes appearances on Youtube, Twitch and other places. I talked to her for a little bit before she had to go judge the cos-play contest. She said she really enjoyed the con and it was the first time she visited Canada and everyone spoke English (I think she visited Montreal before where most people speak French). She said she would be back at her booth after the contest but we didn't really have much time left. It was great to meet her and of course I got a pic with her!:

Now I'll post some of the cool stuff that I saw around the con:

This Wolverine Car was the first thing we saw when we entered the con. Below it is some TMNT comics and a wallet.
A customized Hungry Hungry Heroes board.
Some TMNT and He-Man collectibles
Conan the Barbarian and Pop figures.
Jumbo Video is still ALIVE! Only in London though lol. They said they have a location in the area that has the popcorn and everything!
These are 3 pieces that I had to buy from Eric Vedder after looking through his portfolio. We got Rival School, Street Fighter and a character from a new series that he's working on.
I have to say that I was really impressed with how this con was run and would definitely visit it again. There was also a little haunted house that they had but my friend didn't want to go inside and I didn't want to go in alone lol. They also had pinball machines and old school video games set-up which is always a good thing to see. So yeah, if you live in the London, Ontario area or are close to it then keep a look out for this convention next year. That's all I got for now guys! 

Until next time!

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